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Wagtails and Pipits

Total Number of Species in Family: 67

46 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Forest Wagtail   Dendronanthus indicus   202
White Wagtail   Motacilla alba   1404
Black-backed Wagtail   Motacilla lugens   1040
Japanese Wagtail   Motacilla grandis   201
White-browed Wagtail   Motacilla madaraspatensis   200
African Pied Wagtail   Motacilla aguimp   500
Cape Wagtail   Motacilla capensis   400
Madagascar Wagtail   Motacilla flaviventris   100
Citrine Wagtail   Motacilla citreola   701
Yellow Wagtail   Motacilla flava   1706
Eastern Yellow Wagtail   Motacilla tschutschensis   300
Gray Wagtail   Motacilla cinerea   506
Mountain Wagtail   Motacilla clara   200
Golden Pipit   Tmetothylacus tenellus   100
Yellow-throated Longclaw   Macronyx croceus   800
Orange-throated Longclaw   Macronyx capensis   300
Rosy-throated Longclaw   Macronyx ameliae   100
Pangani Longclaw   Macronyx aurantiigula   100
Striped Pipit   Anthus lineiventris   200
Mountain Pipit   Anthus hoeschi   100
Oriental Pipit   Anthus rufulus   700
Australasian Pipit   Anthus novaeseelandiae   500
Plain-backed Pipit   Anthus leucophrys   300
Richard's Pipit   Anthus richardi   402
African Pipit   Anthus cinnamomeus   300
Tawny Pipit   Anthus campestris   303
Blyth's Pipit   Anthus godlewskii   400
Long-billed Pipit   Anthus similis   400
Berthelot's Pipit   Anthus berthelotii   401
Bush Pipit   Anthus caffer   100
Tree Pipit   Anthus trivialis   405
Olive-backed Pipit   Anthus hodgsoni   903
Pechora Pipit   Anthus gustavi   100
Meadow Pipit   Anthus pratensis   702
Red-throated Pipit   Anthus cervinus   602
Rock Pipit   Anthus petrosus   302
Water Pipit   Anthus spinoletta   403
Upland Pipit   Anthus sylvanus   100
American Pipit   Anthus rubescens   710
Correndera Pipit   Anthus correndera   401
South Georgia Pipit   Anthus antarcticus   100
Sprague's Pipit   Anthus spragueii   400
Short-billed Pipit   Anthus furcatus   100
Paramo Pipit   Anthus bogotensis   100
Yellowish Pipit   Anthus lutescens   200
Ochre-breasted Pipit   Anthus nattereri   100

21 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Mekong Wagtail   Motacilla samveasnae   000
Fuelleborn's Longclaw   Macronyx fuellebornii   000
Abyssinian Longclaw   Macronyx flavicollis   000
Grimwood's Longclaw   Macronyx grimwoodi   000
Sharpe's Longclaw   Macronyx sharpei   000
Yellow-breasted Pipit   Hemimacronyx chloris   000
Yellow-tufted Pipit   Anthus crenatus   000
Jackson's Pipit   Anthus latistriatus   000
Woodland Pipit   Anthus nyassae   000
Long-tailed Pipit   Anthus longicaudatus   000
Buffy Pipit   Anthus vaalensis   000
Long-legged Pipit   Anthus pallidiventris   000
Malindi Pipit   Anthus melindae   000
Kimberly Pipit   Anthus pseudosimilis   000
Short-tailed Pipit   Anthus brachyurus   000
Sokoke Pipit   Anthus sokokensis   000
Rosy Pipit   Anthus roseatus   000
Nilgiri Pipit   Anthus nilghiriensis   000
Hellmayr's Pipit   Anthus hellmayri   000
Chaco Pipit   Anthus chacoensis   000
Alpine Pipit   Anthus gutturalis   000


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