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Herons, Egrets and Bitterns

Total Number of Species in Family: 63

56 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Whistling Heron   Syrigma sibilatrix   700
Capped Heron   Pilherodius pileatus   1000
Gray Heron   Ardea cinerea   2013
Great Blue Heron   Ardea herodias   2245
Cocoi Heron   Ardea cocoi   1000
Pacific Heron   Ardea pacifica   300
Black-headed Heron   Ardea melanocephala   500
Humblot's Heron   Ardea humbloti   100
Goliath Heron   Ardea goliath   600
Purple Heron   Ardea purpurea   1102
Great Egret   Ardea alba   1434
Reddish Egret   Egretta rufescens   1110
Pied Heron   Egretta picata   500
Slaty Egret   Egretta vinaceigula   100
Black Heron   Egretta ardesiaca   200
Tricolored Heron   Egretta tricolor   1222
Intermediate Egret   Egretta intermedia   901
White-faced Heron   Egretta novaehollandiae   400
Little Blue Heron   Egretta caerulea   1322
Snowy Egret   Egretta thula   1830
Little Egret   Egretta garzetta   1303
Western Reef-Heron   Egretta gularis   800
Chinese Egret   Egretta eulophotes   500
Pacific Reef-Heron   Egretta sacra   1000
Squacco Heron   Ardeola ralloides   902
Indian Pond-Heron   Ardeola grayii   500
Chinese Pond-Heron   Ardeola bacchus   900
Javan Pond-Heron   Ardeola speciosa   200
Madagascar Pond-Heron   Ardeola idae   100
Rufous-bellied Heron   Ardeola rufiventris   400
Cattle Egret   Bubulcus ibis   1722
Striated Heron   Butorides striata   1500
Green Heron   Butorides virescens   2013
Agami Heron   Agamia agami   600
Black-crowned Night-Heron   Nycticorax nycticorax   2602
Rufous Night-Heron   Nycticorax caledonicus   601
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron   Nyctanassa violacea   2310
Japanese Night-Heron   Gorsachius goisagi   300
Malayan Night-Heron   Gorsachius melanolophus   200
Boat-billed Heron   Cochlearius cochlearius   700
Bare-throated Tiger-Heron   Tigrisoma mexicanum   1300
Fasciated Tiger-Heron   Tigrisoma fasciatum   500
Rufescent Tiger-Heron   Tigrisoma lineatum   1200
Zigzag Heron   Zebrilus undulatus   500
Least Bittern   Ixobrychus exilis   702
Yellow Bittern   Ixobrychus sinensis   700
Black-backed Bittern   Ixobrychus novaezelandiae   100
Little Bittern   Ixobrychus minutus   802
Schrenck's Bittern   Ixobrychus eurhythmus   100
Cinnamon Bittern   Ixobrychus cinnamomeus   200
Dwarf Bittern   Ixobrychus sturmii   300
Black Bittern   Ixobrychus flavicollis   600
Pinnated Bittern   Botaurus pinnatus   300
American Bittern   Botaurus lentiginosus   1501
Great Bittern   Botaurus stellaris   403
Australasian Bittern   Botaurus poiciloptilus   400

7 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
White-bellied Heron   Ardea insignis   000
Great-billed Heron   Ardea sumatrana   000
White-backed Night-Heron   Gorsachius leuconotus   000
White-eared Night-Heron   Gorsachius magnificus   000
Forest Bittern   Zonerodius heliosylus   000
White-crested Bittern   Tigriornis leucolophus   000
Stripe-backed Bittern   Ixobrychus involucris   000


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