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Total Number of Species in Family: 44

36 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Gull-billed Tern   Sterna nilotica   602
Caspian Tern   Sterna caspia   2503
Elegant Tern   Sterna elegans   400
Lesser Crested Tern   Sterna bengalensis   400
Sandwich Tern   Sterna sandvicensis   2102
Royal Tern   Sterna maxima   2740
Great Crested Tern   Sterna bergii   801
River Tern   Sterna aurantia   500
Roseate Tern   Sterna dougallii   1401
Black-naped Tern   Sterna sumatrana   202
White-fronted Tern   Sterna striata   200
South American Tern   Sterna hirundinacea   300
Common Tern   Sterna hirundo   1902
Arctic Tern   Sterna paradisaea   1301
Antarctic Tern   Sterna vittata   100
Forster's Tern   Sterna forsteri   1521
Snowy-crowned Tern   Sterna trudeaui   300
Little Tern   Sterna albifrons   1002
Least Tern   Sterna antillarum   1702
Yellow-billed Tern   Sterna superciliaris   400
Fairy Tern   Sterna nereis   301
Damara Tern   Sterna balaenarum   100
White-cheeked Tern   Sterna repressa   100
Aleutian Tern   Sterna aleutica   400
Bridled Tern   Sterna anaethetus   801
Sooty Tern   Sterna fuscata   401
Whiskered Tern   Chlidonias hybridus   801
White-winged Tern   Chlidonias leucopterus   602
Black Tern   Chlidonias niger   302
Large-billed Tern   Phaetusa simplex   700
Lesser Noddy   Anous tenuirostris   100
Black Noddy   Anous minutus   200
Brown Noddy   Anous stolidus   500
Blue Noddy   Procelsterna cerulea   300
White Tern   Gygis alba   300
Inca Tern   Larosterna inca   500

8 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Chinese Crested Tern   Sterna bernsteini   000
Kerguelen Tern   Sterna virgata   000
Saunders' Tern   Sterna saundersi   000
Peruvian Tern   Sterna lorata   000
Black-bellied Tern   Sterna acuticauda   000
Gray-backed Tern   Sterna lunata   000
Black-fronted Tern   Sterna albostriata   000
Gray Noddy   Procelsterna albivitta   000


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