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Mottled Petrel Pterodroma inexpectata

Described by: Forster, J. R. (1844)
Alternate common name(s): Scaled Petrel, Peale's Petrel
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


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Mid-Pacific Ocean to se. Indian Ocean and adjacent Southern Ocean;
Breeds on is. off s. New Zealand (South Island) in the Foveaux Strait and small is. off Stewart Is. including Codfish, Big South Cape Is. and possibly Solander Is. and islets near Port Pegasus, Snares including Main and Broughton Is., Chatham(?) and Bounty(?) Is. Formerly bred on mainland South Island, New Zealand. May still persist on small is. off the Fiordland coast, but the only presently known breeding location is a small is. in Lake Hauroko. Ranges s. during the breeding season to 7530'S (mostly between 95E and 140W) as far e. as the Drake Passage off Cape Horn and as far w. as Prydz Bay, Antarctica.
Disperses s. to the antarctic pack ice, w. to se. Australia (c. New South Wales to Phillip Is., Victoria), Tasmania, New Zealand (North Island and South Island) and n. rapidly passing through the c. Pacific (Kiribati (Phoenix, Line), Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Hawaiian Is.) to n. of 41N and s. and se. of the Aleutians to the Gulf of Alaska, occasionally n. into the Bering Sea off e. Siberia and w. Alaska. It returns s. far off the coasts of w. Canada and the w. United States.
North America n. of Mexican border
Summer: well off the Aleutians and s. ALK from April to August. It also may occur far off shore along the Pacific coasts of Canada and the United States.


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