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Southern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialoides

Described by: Smith, A. (1840)
Alternate common name(s): Antarctic Fulmar, Silver-gray Fulmar, Silver-gray Petrel, Slender-billed Fulmar, Silver-grey Fulmar, Silver-grey Petrel
Old scientific name(s): Fulmarus antarcticus


northeast of, South Shetland Islands - Nov 22, 2004 © Michael G. Shepard 
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Circumpolar; Southern Ocean; S. Atlantic Ocean; Se. Pacific Ocean;
Breeds on the South Sandwich, South Orkney, South Shetland, Elephant, South Georgia, Bouvet, Balleny, Peter I Is. as well as the coast of Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula (Enderby Land, Proclaimation Is., Mac Robertson Land, Scullin Monolith, Rauer and Svenner Is., Haswell Is., Windmill Is., Terre Adelie (Point Geologie), Stillwell Is., Cape Pigeon Rocks).
Disperses widely over s. oceans, s. of 40S. In Australian waters disperses n. to 37S off se. Australia (e. South Australia, Victoria off Portland, s. New South Wales), Tasmania and New Zealand (South Island). In the Humboldt Current of the e. Pacific Ocean, disperses n. to 3S off Ecuador (Guayaquil), Peru and Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil to Cape Sao Rogue and Falkland Is. In the s. Atlantic and Indian Oceans, rarely disperses n. to 30S off Namibia and South Africa e. to Natal.


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