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Gray Petrel Procellaria cinerea

Described by: Gmelin (1789)
Alternate common name(s): Pediunker, Grey Petrel, Great Grey Petrel, Great Gray Petrel, Black-tailed Shearwater, Brown Petrel, Bulky Petrel, Gray Shearwater, Grey Shearwater
Old scientific name(s): Adamastor cinereus


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Circumpolar; Mostly between 32-58S; Southern Ocean, s. Atlantic Ocean, s. Indian Ocean, s. Pacific Ocean extending n. in Humboldt Current;
Breeds on subantarctic is. between 37-49S including Tristan da Cunha, Gough, Marion, Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen, Campbell, Antipodes, St. Paul (?) Is., and Macquarie Is. after an absence of many years;
Disperses around the Southern Ocean n. to 25-34S from May to September and s. to 60-62S from February to March (Indian Ocean: n. to 20-25S and s. to 57-62S, Pacific Ocean: n. to 6S in the Humboldt Current and s. to 56-62S, Atlantic Ocean: n. to 18S in the Benguela Current and s. to 53-54S) off the coasts of s. Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay to ex. s. Brazil (to Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia), South Africa (Cape Horn), s. Australia, and New Zealand (South Island).


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