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Common Diving-Petrel Pelecanoides urinatrix

Described by: Gmelin (1789)
Alternate common name(s): Common Diving Petrel, Common Diving-petrel, Subantarctic Diving Petrel, Subantarctic Diving-petrel, Tristan Diving Petrel, Tristan Diving-petrel, Falkland Diving Petrel, Falkland Diving-petrel, Kerguelen Diving Petrel, Kerguelen Diving-petrel, Diving Petrel, Berard's Diving Petrel, Berard's Diving-petrel
Old scientific name(s): Pelecanoides urinator


Argentina - Nov, 2003 © Harold Stiver 
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S. Indian Ocean; Sw. Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea; S. Atlantic Ocean; s. oceans from 35S to 55S;
Three or four widely separated populations;
(1) is. in the Bass Strait and along the coast of se. Australia from ex. se. South Australia and Victoria (Portland, is. off Wilson's Promontory and Lady Julia Percy Is.) to ex. se. New South Wales, Tasmania (Kent Group, Councillor Is., Black Pyramid and Maatsuyker Is.) and New Zealand (North Island, Cook Strait).
(2) New Zealand (South Island), Solander Is., Stewart Is., Chatham Is., Snares Is. and the Antipodes (?).
(3) South Georgia, Marion, Prince Edward, Crozets (Possession), Heard, Kerguelen, Auckland, Antipodes (?), Macquarie (?) and Campbell (?) Is.
(4) Tristan da Cunha and Gough Is.
(5) Falkland Is. (Kidney, Cochon and Jason Is.).
(6) Magellanic channels of s. Chile (47 to 54S).
Dispersal pattern not well known, but seems to be n. along the coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires;


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