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Swainson's Thrush Catharus ustulatus

Described by: Nuttall (1840)
Alternate common name(s): Olive-backed Thrush, Russet-backed Thrush
Old scientific name(s): Hylocichla ustulata


Boone County Cliffs, Boone County, Kentucky, USA - May 9, 2005 © William Hull  Crow Valley Recreation Area, Weld County, Colorado, USA - May, 2002 © Steve Messick  Huitepec Ecological Reserve, Chiapas, Mexico - Apr, 2003 © David Bradley  Sabine Woods, Texas, USA - Apr 16, 2005 © Jean-Philippe Paris 
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Alaska across c. Canada s. in w. and ne. United States;
(1) W. and e. Alaska to w. Canada (c. Yukon, w. and s. Mackenzie, and n. Saskatchewan).
Winters in Colombia and Venezuela s. to Peru.
(2) C. and e. Canada (sw. and c. Saskatchewan, s. Manitoba, s. Ontario, s. Quebec) and e. United States (n. Minnesota, n. Wisconsin, n. Michigan, s. New York, n. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
Winters in s. Mexico, the West Indies and South America to Ecuador (Mindo-Nambillo Forest), Peru, Bolivia and n. Argentina.
Winters in s. to South America.
(3) E. United States (Appalachian Mountains of e. West Virginia, w. Virginia and w. Maryland).
(4) Humid coastal regions from se. Alaska and w. Canada (British Columbia) and w. United States in Washington, Oregon, and s. California.
Winters in Mexico s. to Panama.
(5) W. Canada (Queen Charlotte Is.).
Winters in e. and w. Mexico.
(6) Sw. United States (ce. California, c. Nevada, c. Utah, nc. New Mexico, ex. n. Nebraska, e. Wyoming, w. Montana).
Winters from w. Mexico s. to Nicaragua.


Point Pelee National Park, Essex County, Ontario, Canada - May 10, 2002 Source: William Hull
Description: Bird is perched on a limb.


Location unknown - Date unknown Source: USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: The Royal British Columbia Museum
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: The Royal British Columbia Museum
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: NatureSound Studio


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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