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Common Goldeneye Bucephala clangula

Described by: Linnaeus (1758)
Alternate common name(s): Goldeneye
Old scientific name(s): Glaucionetta clangula


Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Washington, USA - Apr 8, 2007 © William Hull  Seattle, King County, Washington, USA - Apr 7, 2007 © William Hull  Redwood Creek, Redwood City, San Mateo County, California, USA - Jan 30, 2002 © Rob Pavey  Redwood Creek, Redwood City, San Mateo County, California, USA - Jan 30, 2002 © Rob Pavey  Redwood Creek, Redwood City, San Mateo County, California, USA - Jan 30, 2002 © Rob Pavey 
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(1) N. and c. Europe from the British Isles (Scotland, Firth of Forth), Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland), and Baltic Sea states (Estonia) extending w. in n. Poland, Denmark and ne. Germany (w. Mecklenburg and Holstein) and e. across nc. Russia and n. Siberia to w. Anadyrland and Kamchatka s. to c. Russia, Afghanistan (occasionally), s. Siberia to the Altai, n. Mongolia, ne. China (Manchuria, Heilungkiang) and Sakhalin Is. Isolated breeding populations have become established in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia), s. of Moscow and in the ne. Caspian Sea region. Large moulting flocks gather on Matsalu Bay, Estonia, Lake Takern, s. Sweden and Limfjorden, Denmark.
Winters in sw. Iceland, Ireland, Britain, w. Norway, w. and s. Baltic Sea, Denmark, n. Germany, Netherlands, nw. France s. to s. in Europe to lakes on the n. slope of the Alps in s. Germany and n. Switzerland and along the ne. shore of the Mediterranean Sea (Greece) and Black Sea (Bulgaria and Romania), s. Russia, w. and sw. Caspian Sea, Iraq, Iran, Aral Sea, Tadzhikistan, Pakistan, Nepal, n. India (Assam), se. China, Taiwan, Korea, Sea of Japan, Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu), Kuril Is. and Commander Is. Off nw. Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) during severe n. winters;
(2) W. and c. Alaska across n. Canada from n. Yukon (Mackenzie River delta), nw. and se. Mackenzie (Great Slave Lake), sw. Keewatin (Nueltin Lake) and n. Manitoba to c. Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Islands) then s. in the n. United States and s. Canada to n. Washington, c. Montana, s. Saskatchewan, n. North Dakota e. to Great Lakes and New England.
Winters s. in the United States from Lake St. Clair and w. Lake Erie to California and South Carolina and even Florida and the Gulf coast and in n. Mexico s. to c. Baja and in the Gulf of California s. along the coast of Sonora to n. Sinaloa and off the Gulf coast of n. Tamaulipas.
North America n. of Mexican border;
Summer: c. ALK and YUK to c. MAC, ex. sw. KEE, MAN, ONT, c. QUE, c. LAB, NFD, PEI, NBR and n. NSC s. in BCO (Vancouver Is.), n. ALB, c. SAS to ne. WAS, ex. n. IDH, w. and ne. MON, ne. NDK, c. MIN, n. MIC, ne. NYK, n. VMT, n. NHP and c. MAE. Locally s. in ne. CAL, cw. IDH and ex. nw. WYO (Yellowstone);
Winters in the Aleutians and along the coasts of s. ALK, BCO, WAS, ORG, CAL to nw. Mexico and inland from s. BCO, ex. s. ALB, ex. s. SAS, ex. s. MAN, WAS, ORG, CAL, IDH, NEV, w. and n. ARZ, s. ALB, MON, WYO, UTH, COL, NMX, NDK, SDK, NBR, KAN, OKA to c. TEX, s. ONT, MIN, WIS, IWA, MOU, ARK, n. LOU, MIC, s. ONT, se. QUE (Gulf of St. Lawrence), NBR, PEI, s. NFD and NSC s. in ILL, IND, OHO, KTY, TEN, n. MIS, ex. nw. ALA, NYK, VMT, NHP, MAE, MAS, RID, CON, NJY, PEN, DEL, MYD, WVA, VIR, NCA, SCA and the Atlantic coasts of e. GEO and n. FLA as well as the Gulf coasts of n. FLA, ALA, MIS, LOU and e. TEX.


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Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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