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Gadwall Anas strepera

Described by: Linnaeus (1758)
Alternate common name(s): Common Gadwall, Coues' Gadwall, Coues's Gadwall, Washington Island Gadwall
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center, Chiba, Japan - Jul 9, 2005 © William Hull  Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center, Chiba, Japan - Oct 25, 2002 © William Hull  Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA - May 4, 2004 © William Hull  Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA - May 4, 2004 © William Hull  Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center, Chiba, Japan - Mar 12, 2003 © William Hull 
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Circumpolar; Holarctic;
(1) North America: isolated population in coastal s. Alaska w. to the Alaskan Peninsula. Then from the Prairie Provinces of w. Canada s. from c. Alberta and locally in s. Ontario through w. United States to s. California and s. New Mexico. An isolated e. population occurs along Atlantic coast from e. Canada (Quebec) to ec. United States (North Carolina).
Winters from the coast of s. Alaska (Kodiak Is.) s. along the w. coast of Canada to the w. and s. United States from the Great Lakes s. at least to c. Mexico (Baja, Guerrero, Puebla, Tobasco) and, perhaps as far as the Pacific lowlands of Guatemala and the West Indies (Bahamas, Cuba on Lake Ariguanabo and Jamaica). In the Palearctic, locally in nc. Iceland (Lake Myvatn), Ireland, Scotland (Loch Leven, Kinross), England (East Anglia), ec. Sweden and Estonia s. in Spain, formerly in Algeria, France (Dombes), Netherlands, Denmark, s. Germany (Bavaria on the Ismaninger Reservoir and the Bodensee), Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, s. Russia (n. Black Sea, Volga Delta, Rybinsk Reservoir), nw. Iran, (Seistan), Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, w. and s. Siberia (Yenisei River from Tuva to Lake Baikal and Transbaikalia) to c. Asia in n. Mongolia (Khangai, Achitu Nor, Orog Nor), China (Manchuria or Heilungkiang, s. Tibet, ex. w. Sinkiang) and se. Siberia. Isolated populations in Soviet Far East, Amurland, Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Is. and Japan (Hokkaido). Winters in Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, n. Algeria (Lake Fetzara), Tunisia, Libya, s. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, s. Russia, Turkey, Crete, Cypress, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Egypt (Nile Valley), Sudan, Ethiopia, Socotra Is. and vagrant further s., then e. in Iran, Pakistan (Punjab, Sind), Nepal (Kosi River in spring), India, n. Bangladesh, n. Burma, s. China (mostly s. of Yangtze River in s. Tibet, Yunnan, Hopeh, Fukien, Kiangsu and rarely to Kwangtung), Korea (Naktong Delta) and Japan (Honshu Is.).
(2) N. Line Is. (Fanning Is., Teraina or Washington Is. and New York Is.).
North America n. of Mexican border
Summer: coastal s. ALK and then s. from sc. BCO (Okanagan Valley), c. and se. ALB (e. of Rockies and n. to Peace River District), c. SAS, c. to e. MAN and s. ONT (locally) and QUE (Anticosti Is.) and in the United States from e. from WAS, e. ORG, wc. and s. IDH, cw. and sw. CAL and e. of the Sierras in nw. CAL, n. NEV, UTH, ne. ARZ, MON, WYO, COL to c. NMX, NDK, SDK, NEB, c. KAN, ex. w. OKA, ex. nw. TEX to w. MIN, nw. IWA and locally in WIS (Green Bay), MIC, nw. PEN and w. NYK. A recently established breeding population occurs along the e. coast of the United States from se. MAE, e. MAS, s. RID, s. CNT, se. NYK (Long Island), e. NJY, se. DEL, e. MYD, e. VIR and e. NCA;
Winter: locally in s. ALK and then from se. ALK, sc. BCP (Victoria and Queen Charlotte Is.), WAS, ORG, w. and ne. CAL, w. and s. IDH, n. and ex. s. NEV, ARZ, ne. and sw. UTH, sw. WYO, ex. nw. COL and e. of Rockies from wc. MON through c. WYO to ne and sc. COL, NMX, s. NEB, KAN, OKA, TEX, ARK, ex. se. MOU, s. ILL, s. IND, w. KTY, OHO to c. TEN, MIS, LOU, ALA, n. to c. GEO, FLA and in coastal regions in SCA, NCA, VIR, MYD, DEL, NJY, NYK, CNT and RID.


Yatsu Higata Nature Observation Center, Chiba, Japan - Feb 16, 2002 Source: William Hull
Description: Male is swimming.


Location unknown - Date unknown Source:
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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