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Speckled Teal Anas flavirostris

Described by: Vieillot (1816)
Alternate common name(s): Chilean Teal, Yellow-billed Teal, South American Teal, Andean Teal, Merida Speckled Teal, Merida Teal, Sharp-winged Speckled Teal, Chilean Speckled Teal, South American Green-winged Teal
Old scientific name(s): Nettion flavirostris


New Island, Falkland Islands - Feb, 2001 © Stuart MacKay  Ecuador - Aug, 1998 © Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi  Peru - Aug, 2002 © Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi  Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Aug, 2004 © Arthur Grosset  Isla de Quinchão, Chiloe, Chile - Dec, 2005 © Arthur Grosset 
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W. and s. South America;
Three populations;
(1) Andes of e. Colombia and ex. nw. Venezuela (Trujillo to sw. Tachira).
(2) Andes of c. and s. Colombia from Caldas-Quindio area s. through Narino at Lake Cumbal in Purace National Park and Ecuador.
(3) High Andes of c. Peru (Cajamara) to the coast of Ica and Arequipa, w. and c. Bolivia, n. Chile (Coquimbo and lowlands along the Lluta River in Arica and the Huasco River and Coprapo River in Atacama), Uruguay and nw. Argentina (Catamarca). Also breeds in coastal valleys.
Descends during winter to lower elevations with some birds reaching the Pacific coast.
(4) C. Chile, nw. Argentina from Cordoba, Santa Fe, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires and Patagonian uplands s. to Tierra del Fuego. Falkland Is. and South Georgia.
S. population migrates n. during s. winter as far n. as Uruguay, Paraguay and s. Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).


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