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Sharp-shinned Hawk Accipiter striatus

Described by: Vieillot (1807)
Alternate common name(s): White-breasted Hawk
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Orange County, California, USA - Mar 18, 2007 © William Hull  Wolfville, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada - Dec 7, 2002 © Richard Stern  Colorado, USA - Feb 14, 2003 © Steve Messick  Tower Mountain, Spokane County, Washington, USA - Nov 30, 2003 © Michael Woodruff  Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada - Apr 10, 2004 © Michael G. Shepard 
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N. and c. North America; West Indies; Mexico to c. Central America;
Three populations;
(1) W. Canada (Queen Charlotte Is.).
(2) W. and c. Alaska, Canada (n. Yukon, w. and s. Mackenzie, n. Saskatchewan to Labrador, Newfoundland) s. in the United States s. to c. California, c. Arizona, s. New Mexico, s. Texas, n. Gulf States (Alabama) and South Carolina.
The West Indies:
(3) Cuba.
(4) Hispaniola.
(5) Puerto Rico.
(6) Sw. United States in s. New Mexico and n. Mexico in the highlands to Vercruz.
(7) Sw. Mexico (Gerrero and perhaps w. Oaxaca) .
Winters s. to Panama.
(8) S. Mexico (Chiapas, Oaxaca), Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and nc. Nicaragua.
North America n. of Mexican border
Summer: c. ALK, YUK, sw. NWT, BCO (Vancouver Is.), ALB, SAS, c. MAN, c. ONT, c. QUE, sc. LAB, NFD, NBR, PEI, NSC, s. to ne., c. and e. WAS, c., ex. ne. and se. ORG, n. CAL, n., e. and s. IDH, NEV, UTH, ne. ARZ, nw. and w. NMX, COL, WYO, w. MON, w. TEX (Big Bend), SDK (Black Hills) and ne. NDK, MIN, WIS, IWA, MOU, ne. ARK, ILL, MIC, IND, OHO, KTY, TEN, n. MIS, n. ALA, n. GEO, ex. w. SCA, c. NCA, WVA, VIR, MYD, DEL, PEN, NJY, NYK, CNT, RID, HAS, VMT, NHP, MAE;
Winter: coastal s. ALK, coastal BCO (Vancouver Is.), WAS, ORG, CAL, IDH, w. MON, NEV, UTH, ARZ, WYO, COL, NMX, s. SDK, NEB, KAN, OKA, TEX, se. MIN, s. WIS, IWA, ILL, MOU, ARK, LOU, s. MIC and ex. s. ONT, IND, OHO, KTY, WVA, TEN, MIS, ALA, n. NYK, PEN, MYD, DEL, VIR, NCA, SCA, GEO, FLA, NJY, CNT, RID, n. VMT, n. NHP, MAS, s. and e. MAE, e. NBR, PEI, NSC and ex. sw. NFD;


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Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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