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Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo

Described by: Linnaeus (1758)
Alternate common name(s): Common Buzzard, Western Steppe-buzzard, Eastern Steppe-buzzard, Japanese Buzzard, Desert Buzzard, Socotra Buzzard
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


Natural Reserve of the Tejo Estuary, Portugal - Jan 5, 2002 © Jose Viana  Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, Portugal - Aug 28, 2002 © Jose Viana  Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, Portugal - Aug 28, 2002 © Jose Viana  San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal - Sep 7, 2002 © Jose Viana  San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal - Sep 7, 2002 © Jose Viana 
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Fragmented distribution;
(1) W. and s. Europe from the British Isles e. Norway, c. and s. Sweden to Finland s. to n. Mediterranean region, Sicily, Crete, Romania and Turkey. Includes birds from Madeira. Socotra Is. off Somalia.
Winters irregularly s. to Iberia, w. and nw. Africa (Morocco).
(2) Corsica and Sardinia.
(3) Azores.
(4) Canary Is.
(5) Cape Verde Is.
(6) N. Scandinavia in n. Sweden e. across nw. and c. Russia e. to w. and sw. Siberia to the Yenisey River and s. to s. Russia (n. Caucasus and s. Ural Mountains) and c. Asia (n. and c. Kirghiz steppes, Altai and Tien Shan).
Migrates 13,000km from sw. Asia to winter in s. Europe, e. and s. Africa s. of the Sahara, Israel and sw. Arabia. Fall crossing into Africa occur at Bab el Mandab and spring crossing into Europe occurs at Suez.
Winters from s. Europe s. to s. Africa and e. to India.
(7) Mountains of s. Crimea, Caucasus and Elburz Mountains s. to Turkey and n. Iran.
(8) C. and s. Siberia (Yenisei River e. to the Sea of Okhotsk and s. to Lake Baikal and Transbaicalia), Mongolia e. through Amurland, Manchuria to Sakhalin Is., the Kuril Is. and Japan and s. through w. China (Kansu, Tsinghai and Hopeh s. to w. Szechwan) to s. Tibet and possibly nw. India.
Winters in s. Asia in India, Sri Lanka, Malaya, Indochina, Taiwan s. and e. China n. to Japan s. to Shikoku.
(9) W. China perhaps the Himalayas of n. Pakistan and nw. India (Kashmir).
(10) Izu Is. and Bonin Is.
(11) Daito Is. e. to the c. Ryukyu Is.


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Location unknown - Date unknown Source: Frans van der Veen
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: Avisoft
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


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