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Old World Sparrows

Total Number of Species in Family: 38

23 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Saxaul Sparrow   Passer ammodendri   100
House Sparrow   Passer domesticus   9010
Spanish Sparrow   Passer hispaniolensis   803
Sind Sparrow   Passer pyrrhonotus   200
Russet Sparrow   Passer rutilans   200
Plain-backed Sparrow   Passer flaveolus   200
Dead Sea Sparrow   Passer moabiticus   500
Kenya Rufous Sparrow   Passer rufocinctus   600
Cape Sparrow   Passer melanurus   200
Gray-headed Sparrow   Passer griseus   600
Parrot-billed Sparrow   Passer gongonensis   300
Swaheli Sparrow   Passer suahelicus   200
Southern Gray-headed Sparrow   Passer diffusus   400
Desert Sparrow   Passer simplex   300
Eurasian Tree Sparrow   Passer montanus   1013
Chestnut Sparrow   Passer eminibey   100
Yellow-spotted Petronia   Petronia pyrgita   200
Chestnut-shouldered Petronia   Petronia xanthocollis   400
Rock Petronia   Petronia petronia   401
White-winged Snowfinch   Montifringilla nivalis   100
Black-winged Snowfinch   Montifringilla adamsi   200
Père David's Snowfinch   Montifringilla davidiana   100
Blanford's Snowfinch   Montifringilla blanfordi   100

15 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Somali Sparrow   Passer castanopterus   000
Cape Verde Sparrow   Passer iagoensis   000
Socotra Sparrow   Passer insularis   000
Great Rufous Sparrow   Passer motitensis   000
Shelley's Rufous Sparrow   Passer shelleyi   000
Kordofan Rufous Sparrow   Passer cordofanicus   000
Swainson's Sparrow   Passer swainsonii   000
Sudan Golden Sparrow   Passer luteus   000
Arabian Golden Sparrow   Passer euchlorus   000
Yellow-throated Petronia   Petronia superciliaris   000
Bush Petronia   Petronia dentata   000
Pale Rockfinch   Carpospiza brachydactyla   000
White-rumped Snowfinch   Montifringilla taczanowskii   000
Rufous-necked Snowfinch   Montifringilla ruficollis   000
Afghan Snowfinch   Montifringilla theresae   000


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