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Barn Owl Tyto alba

Described by: Scopoli (1769)
Alternate common name(s): Common Barn Owl, White-breasted Barn Owl, White-breasted Barn-Owl, Dark-breasted Barn Owl, Dark-breasted Barn-Owl, Madeiran Barn Owl, Madeiran Barn-Owl, Canary Islands Barn Owl, Canary Islands Barn-Owl, Cape Verde Island Barn Owl, Cape Verde Island Barn-Owl, African Barn Owl, African Barn-Owl, Sao Tome Barn Owl, Sao Tome Barn-Owl, Madagascar Barn Owl, Madagascar Barn-Owl, Indian Barn Owl, Indian Barn-Owl, Eastern Barn Owl, Eastern Barn-Owl, Andaman Barn Owl, Andaman Barn-Owl, Sumba Barn Owl, Sumba Barn-Owl, New Guinea Barn Owl, New Guinea Barn-Owl, Australian Barn Owl, Australian Barn-Owl, North American Barn Owl, North American Barn-Owl, Bahama Barn Owl, Bahama Barn-Owl, Cuba Barn Owl, Cuba Barn-Owl, Galapagos Barn Owl, Galapagos Barn-Owl
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


near Poipu, Kauai Island, Hawaii, USA - Apr 9, 2005 © William Hull  near Poipu, Kauai Island, Hawaii, USA - Apr 9, 2005 © William Hull  Catalina State Park, Pima County, Arizona, USA - May 20, 2004 © William Hull  New South Wales, Australia - Sep, 1991 © Allen Chartier  Barr Lake, Colorado, USA - Nov, 2004 © Kent Nickell 
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Cosmopolitan, nearly worldwide distribution:
(1) W. and s. Europe from the British Isles and s. Sweden and ex. w. Russia s. to Continental Europe and Turkey including Balearic Is. and Sicily, w. Canary Is. (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, El Hierro), n. Africa from Morocco to Egypt s. to n. Mauritania, s. Algeria, Niger (Air Massif) and ne. Sudan.
(2) C. Europe e. to Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, and s. to Albania, Macedonia, Romania and ne. Greece.
(3) Corsica and Sardinia.
(4) Crete and small Greek is., Cyprus and locally e. in Syria, Iraq, sw. Iran to ne. Egypt (Sinai) and s. Arabian Peninsula.
(5) Madeira and Porto Santo.
(6) E. Canary Is. ( Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Lobos, Montana Clara, and Alegranza)
(7) Cape Verde Is.
(8) Gambia to Sudan s. to South Africa (Cape Province) including Zanzibar and Pemba Is., Madagascar and Comoro Is.
Introduced to the Seychelles
(9) Fernando Po Is.
(10) Sao Tome Is.
(11) India and n. Sri Lanka and e. to n. Burma, sc. China (Yunnan), s. Thailand and Vietnam.
(12) S. Andaman Is.
(13) Malay Peninsula in s. Burma and s. Thailand, Cambodia, n. and c. Laos, s. Vietnam, Sumatra, Java, s. Borneo including Krakatau, Pulau Seribu and Kangean Is. e. to Alor, Tanahjampea, Kalao and Kalaotoa.
(14) Sumba Is.
(15) Se. New Guinea including Manam and Karkar Is.
(16) Sawu, Roti(?), Timor, Jaco, Wetar, Kisar and Tanimbar Is., Australia (w. and n. Western Australia, Northern Territory to se. South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales to n. Queensland (Cape York Peninsula, sugar cane fields near Ingham and Julatten), Tasmania, Bismarck Archipelago (New Britain, New Ireland), Nissan, Buka, Solomon Is. (Green Is., Buka, Vella Lavella, Malaita and Bellona Is.), s. Vanuatu (Erromanga, Tanna, Aneityum), New Caledonia, Loyalty, Is., Fiji (n. to Rotuma), Tonga (n. Niafo'ou), Niue, Wallis and Futuna, Samoan and Society Is.
Introduced to Lord Howe Is. and New Zealand.
(17) E. Bismarck Archipelago (Boang Is. in the Tanga Is.).
(18) Santa Cruz and Banks Is. and n. Vanuatu (s. to Efate).
(19) Sw. Canada (sw. British Columbia and s. Ontario) and United States (Washington and n. states to c. New England states) s. to Mexico. Bermuda, Bahamas and Hispaniola.
Introduced to Hawaiian Is.
(20) S. Mexico(?), w. Guatemala to Panama including Pearl Is. and possibly w. Colombia.
(21) Bay Is. off n. Honduras.
(22) West Indies on Cuba, Cayman Is. and Jamaica.
(23) I. de Pines.
(24) Curacao and possibly Bonaire.
(25) Galapagos Is.
(26) W. Colombia to Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.
(27) E. Venezuela including Margarita Is., Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Surinam, Guiana and n. Brazil s. to the Amazon (Bahia, Chapada Diamantina).
(28) C. Brazil s. of the Amazon s. to Chile and Argentina in Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Is.


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Location unknown - Date unknown Source: USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Location unknown - Date unknown Source:
Location unknown - Date unknown Source:
Location unknown - Date unknown Source:
Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


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